The Internet High-5 Machine in action!

Welcome to the home of the Internet High 5 Machine! The machine that lets you give High 5s to your friends all across the world!

You don't even need to have a physical High 5 machine to send or receive High 5s!

Send a High 5 now!

You can send a High 5 to anyone via their email address! They will be notified that they have a High 5 from you, and will be able to receive it via this website!

Send a High 5 now! (requires approx. 2 minutes)

News: Official Launch!

11-May-2017 - Today we've launched the Internet High 5 Machine website! You can now send High 5s to your friends, from anywhere in the world!

We're in Preview mode (which means we might be changing things frequently), so if you have feedback, please send it to us! We'd love to hear from you!