About The Internet High 5 Machine!

The Internet High 5 website is a place where you can send and receive High 5s all across the world!

In particular, we've developed a protocol so that you can plug in a device to your computer, connect it to this website, and then receive High 5 signals! We've decided to launch the website before we've completely finished the device, but sign up for the newsletter (below) and we'll notify you when it's ready!

Our ultimate goal is for everyone to have a machine (self-made or otherwise) that they can use to share the happiness of life with others no matter where they are!


If you'd like to get in contact with us, to report an issue, or even to send us a High 5, then our details are:


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In particular, we'll let you know when you can grab an official Internet High 5 Machine!

High 5 Protocol

The Protocol of the High 5 Machine let's us connect the sending and receiving of High 5s on this website to physical machines connected to your computer.

The protocol (v1.0) is:

  • Connect a WebSocket to https://high5.cool/
  • Send a connect command: connect "email" "token" where email is the email address you signed up with, and token is the auth token that you can find in your user profile.
    Example: connect hello@high5.cool e94997b-e562-4657-9607-837c9d3ddc21
  • When the server decides to send down a High 5, we will receive a message of the form: high5 "intensity" where intensity is unused at the moment and is fixed to 1, but may later be used to indicate the strength of the High 5.
    Example: high5 1
    This should be responded to with:
    • high5-success , or
    • high5-failure
    depending on if you were able to successfully enact the High 5 with the physical machine.
  • If you receive a ping message you should respond with pong and likewise, you should expect the server to do the same.

That's it!

We've written a small program, called the high5-driver that implement this protocol. You can read more about how to use it on the project homepage.